The history of pole

Many history guides reference mallakhamb, maypole, Chinese pole, and/or other pole-like apparatuses. Our studio disagrees with this take. We honor and celebrate the definitive influencers of pole dance in the United States.

Sources: Vertical Wise, IPDFA, Pole Parlour


Traveling "girlie shows" introduced pole by using the wooden tent supports to draw crowds


Pole transitions into bars and infuses itself with burlesque


Influenced by the Sexual Revolution, full nudity at clubs is more common. Belle Jangles is credited with the earliest recorded pole dance.


Poles are commonplace in Canadian and US strip clubs. Exotic dancers teach one another and build the modern-day repertoire


Canadian stripper Fawnia Monday brings pole to the US with her VHS instructional video


Pole starts to gain mainstream appeal and dedicated pole dance and fitness studios open across the US


Instagram and YouTube make pole accessible for even larger audiences. Toxic hastags like #notastripper doubled-down on the stigma sex workers face


The discussion on how to honor the roots of pole is ongoing.