Plus Size Classes at Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity welcomes plus size students in all of our classes. We strive to be an inclusive environment for ALL sizes. To supplement our regular offerings, Defy Gravity also offers classes specifically for plus size individuals. These classes are designed to be a safe space for those who self-identify as plus size to experience and experiment with pole and aerial fitness. The goal is to create a community space where folks of all body sizes can thrive in our studio. No matter your current levels of strength or your prior history with fitness, if you identify as plus size, then these classes are for you.

Not sure if you are considered plus size for pole and aerial? 

Here are some questions to help you decide. Have you:

  • Dealt with bias or harassment from medical professionals because of your heavier weight or larger size?
  • Been unable to travel without extreme discomfort due to small size of seats, seat belts, etc. on transportation?
  • Dealt with remarks, looks, etc. from passengers on public transit in regards to your heavier weight or larger size?
  • Retreated from social situations or communities due to fear of fatphobia within that situation or community?
  • Had to purchase clothing from plus size shops to fit a certain part of your body? Or, do you dance the line of plus size clothing and traditional size clothing, yet never seem to find clothing that truly fits?

If these bullet points describe your experience, then plus size classes at DG are for you!

​If you do not fall within the bullet points listed above but have been unable to access instruction because you have:

  • Been unable to grip the pole or complete any pole fundamentals moves
  • Not received enough time with your instructor during class
  • Experienced feelings of embarrassment, shame, or isolation during class
  • Been unable to mount an aerial apparatus because of body size or shape
  • Been unable to access smaller aerial equipment due to weight or size

Please see or email the studio manager at [email protected] so we can ensure our classes are meeting the needs of all of our students. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. This allows us to keep our studio inclusive of bodies of all sizes.

What is Fluffy Kitty™ Pole?

In the summer of 2015, instructors Jamie and Sugar launched the first-ever Fluffy Kitty Pole, a 5-week series of pole fitness specifically for plus size individuals. And from that first series, the Fluffy Kitty classes at Defy Gravity continue to grow to include additional classes.